HT ITALIA HT8051 Multifunction Process Calibrator 4-20mA / 0-10V


HT8051 is a digital process calibrator capable of generating and measuring signals of DC voltage and current up to 10V and 24mA respectively with a very simple setting of values thanks to the innovative adjuster. In measuring and generating current, it is also possible to define a display, also in percentage format, corresponding to the set values (0% = 4mA, 100% = 20mA).

The generation of voltage and current signals is also possible by using up to 3 selectable ramps. This model also allows measuring the current absorbed byexternal transducers directly supplied by it and simulating the presence of a transducer with adjustable current in its whole measuring range. HT8051 has been designed in compliance with safety standard IEC/EN61010-1 with double protective insulation, and each function can be selected through the appropriate buttons found on the front panel. This device is the ideal solution for typical industrial automation applications and for laboratory activities.


  • TRMS
  • DC 4-20mA current measurement
  • DC 0-10V voltage measurement
  • DC 4-20mA current generation
  • DC 0-10V voltage generation
  • Measurement of output current of transducers
  • Simulation of an external transducer
  • Loop supply with minimum voltage 24V
  • Generation of selectable ramp
  • AC/DC voltage MAX 10VDC
  • AC/DC current MAX 24mADC


HT 8000 Data Sheet HT 8051datasheet

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