HT Italia I-V600: Advanced I-V Curve Measurement Multifunction Instrument with Self-Charging Battery Management System


Experience unparalleled precision in I-V curve measurements with the HT Italia I-V600. This advanced multifunction tool handles modules and strings up to 1500V and 40A, providing prompt and accurate results. Whether you’re working with monofacial or bifacial modules, our instrument is designed to deliver reliable data for all your solar radiation measurements. Thanks to our patented Battery Management System, never worry about running out of power during testing – the I-V600 self-charges its batteries while in use. Complete with a user-friendly interface, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a microSD slot for extra storage, the HT Italia I-V600 is the ultimate solution for your I-V curve measurements.

PDF Download  HT Italia I-V600 User Manual      PDF Download  HT Italia I-V600 Datasheet

Download icon  HT AGORÀ Software Download | 38.2 MB 


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