Multifunction Electrical Installation and EVSE Tester | HT Instruments COMBI521

Key Features:

  • AUTO sequence
  • Continuity of conductors
  • Insulation resistance
  • Polarity test
  • RCD type AC
  • A and B general and selective
  • Line/fault impedance and prospective short-circuit/fault current
  • Includes AUTO TEST Function (Loop Impedance, RCD Trip Time and insulation resistance)
  • MCB and fuses
  • Phase sequence
  • Voltage drop
  • Leakage and absorbed current (with optional HT96U Clamp Transducer)
  • Power quality analysis (with optional HT96U Clamp Transducer)
  • Environmental parameters
  • EVSE AUTO-sequence safety testing (optional EV-test100 EVSE adaptor)
  • Internal memory and connection to the PC
  • Wi-Fi connection to Android and iOS smartphones and tablets

PDF Download icon Combi Series Datasheet      PDF Download icon COMBI521 User manual

The Combi521 is a multifunction electrical installation and EVSE safety testers with power quality analysis, that tests on electric systems in compliance with IEC/EN 61557-1 and therefore measurements of continuity of the protection cable, insulation resistance (with calculation of PI and DAR), overall earth resistance, RCDs type B, A and AC tripping time and current, line / fault impedance with calculation of prospective short circuit / fault current, phase sequence and conformity. COMBI521 also allows measuring and saving environmental parameters (illuminance, temperature), leakage current and electric quantities such as voltage, current, power factor, power and harmonics on single-phase systems.

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