HT ITALIA HT8000 Portable Digital Process Calibrator


The HT8000 is a portable digital process calibrator designed to generate and measure DC voltage and DC current up to 10V and 24mA respectively. On DC current generation it is also possible to display percentage values corresponding to current settings (0% = 4mA, 100% = 20mA). The instrument can also measure current absorbed by external transducers and simulate a transducer within the whole measurement range.


Generation of output voltage signal with amplitude up to 10VDC
Voltage measurement up to 10VDC
Generation of output current signal with amplitude up to 24mADC
Current measurement up to 24mAVDC
Current measurement under percentage format (4-20mA)
Loop current measurement of external transducers
Simulating of an external transducer
Fuse protection on inputs

Included Accessories

Test leads with tip 2mm
User manual


HT 8000 Data Sheet HT-8000 Data Sheet

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