Does your equipment require periodic calibration?

Let Rapid-Tech organize & manage the calibration of your testing equipment.  Whether you require NATA or Traceable calibrations we can arrange it, on a wide range of equipment from many manufacturers. Our customers using this service come from many diverse industries including power/energy, electronics, electrical, manufacturing, and more.

We also sell a wide range of calibration equipment and services.When you purchase calibration equipment, software and certification from Rapid-Tech Equipment you know you are purchasing the most accurate & dependable products you can find for your instrument calibration requirements.
We can arrange calibration for the following items (and many more)
Multimeters, Current Clamp Meters, Thermal Imagers, Power quality recorders, Sound Level Meters, Lux Meters, Calibration tools, Air Quality Instruments, Micro-ohmmeters, Ground Resistance testers, Water Quality Meters, Torque Wrenches, Thermometers and Temperature Standards



A NATA Accredited Laboratory can only issue a NATA endorsed calibration certificate.

It means that the calibration laboratory has been assessed and audited by NATA Governing body in accordance with the international standard ISO 17025.

This standard requires the calibration staff to be technically competent and properly trained, the lab uses only validated procedures, and their references and standards have unbroken traceability chains to International Standards.

The lab also has quality management policies and procedures in line with those followed in ISO 9001.

NATA endorsed certificates will give you confidence in your measurements and the final calibration report.


A ‘traceable’ calibration certificate indicates that your instrument has been tested against a calibrated reference i.e this reference is traceable to a NATA accredited lab, but it does not offer any assurance on the competency of the technician or methods used.

This however does not mean that it is a bad calibration, it just means that the calibration lab has not been accredited by NATA to give assurances about technical competency.


If the instrument is used only for indication purposes, you would typically only require a traceable calibration. You may not require a NATA accredited calibration unless the item you are calibrating will be used for subsequent calibrations as a reference instrument. However, in some industries where your instrument is used for reporting work to your own clients, the client may request or require you to use instruments that that are NATA calibrated. Additionally, instruments that will be used as references for subsequent calibrations would typically require a full NATA calibration as it will maintain the chain of traceability and uncertainty. A NATA Calibration certificate will also hold up better in Court if anyone questions the integrity of your measurement.

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