R&S NGU Source Measure Units

The R&S NGU201 & R&S NGU401 Source Measure Units (SMUs) enable simultaneous sourcing and measuring of currents and voltages with high precision.

The two-quadrant R&S NGU201 addresses wireless device battery tests and automatically switches from source mode to sink mode at a defined positive input voltage.

The four-quadrant R&S NGU401 can also switch at negative voltages, supporting source measurements for a vast range of power supply types.

Thanks to their extremely high accuracy and fast load recovery time, the R&S NGU source measure units (SMU) are perfect for challenging applications.

A special ammeter design is used to precisely measure current drains from nA to A in one pass – no need to make multiple measurement sweeps. The instruments’ short recovery times enable them to handle fast load changes that occur, for example, when mobile communications devices switch from sleep mode to transmit mode.

With high speed data acquisition, every detail is detected down to 2 μs resolution. The R&S NGU source measure units provide two- or four-quadrant architecture, allowing them to function both as a source and a sink to simulate batteries and loads.

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