R&S MXO 5 Oscilloscope |- Revolutionary 8-Channel and 4-Channel Oscilloscopes with Advanced Power Conversion Testing, Automotive Analysis, and Superior Signal Integrity Capabilities

Experience the exceptional performance and precision of the R&S® MXO 5, a game-changing addition to your tech arsenal. MXO 5 oscilloscope sets new industry standards with its rapid acquisitions and unparalleled spectrum analysis capabilities. It features an impressive 21 ns rearm time and the highest vertical offset range, ensuring superior signal fidelity. Its deep memory capture can handle up to 1 million waveform segments, providing highest precision at staggering speeds. Perfect for power conversion testing, automotive analysis, and signal integrity checking, the R&S MXO® 5 is ideal for observing small signal events and detecting rare anomalies. Its 15.6″ Full HD touchscreen enhances visibility, while its user-friendly interface guarantees a superior user experience. Power your innovation with the R&S®MXO 5, the ultimate choice for those seeking speed, sensitivity, and unmatched performance.


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