R&S HM8143 Three Channel Arbitrary Power Supply

The R&S®HM8143 power supply is the perfect choice whenever two-quadrant operation is needed.

Besides the source functionality, it also provides electronic loads to accurately sink current and dissipate power in a controlled manner, for example to emulate the characteristics of a battery being charged or unloaded.

R&S HM8143 Key Features

  • 2 × 0 V to 30 V / 1 × 5 V, 3 × 2 A (max. 130 W)
  • Linear regulated, two-quadrant power supply (current source and sink)
  • Setting and readback resolution: 10 mV, 1 mA
  • External modulation of output voltages up to 20 kHz
  • RS-232/USB dual interface, IEEE-488 (GPIB) optionally

    R&S HM8143 Datasheet

    R&S HM8143 Fact Sheet

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