HT Italia EquiTest 5071 Multifunction installation tester for continuity of earth conductor with 10A and Line/Loop impedance.




The multifunction installation tester HT Italia EquiTest 5071 model is principally designed to perform the safety verifies of earth equipotential conductors with test current > 10A in compliance with IEC/EN61557, VDE100 and IEC/EN60204-1:2006 guidelines (medical rooms and safety of electrical machines). The instrument performs even continuity measurements with 200mA, Line/Loop impedance also with high resolution (0.1mOhm – with IMP57 optional accessory), global earth resistance without RCDs tripping and phase sequence indication. Each test can be saved inside the internal memory and downloaded to PC by using supplied Windows software.




logopdf (2) Equitest 5071 datasheet

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