Entec Solar E-1500 -| I-V curve tracer with up to 1,500V and 35A.

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Entec Solar’s E-1500 is the fastest I-V curve tracer on the market, Drastically reducing the time spent on O&M, commissioning, and quality control. The E-1500 can measure up to 200 curves per hour with an unmatched accuracy of 0.5% at the maximum power point and less than 3% in the final result under standard measurement conditions (CEM)

Authorised Distributor for Entec E-1500 in Asia and Pacific Region (please send enquiry via email – [email protected])

2 Year Warranty

PDF Download  Entec Solar E 1500 datasheet   PDF Download  E-1500 / E-1000 manual

PDF Download  E-1500 / E-1000 Quick Start Guide


PDF Download User’s manual – PVET Software

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