GW INSTEK GPT-9800 Safety Tester 200VA AC/DC | GPT-9801 | GPT-9802 | GPT-9803 | GPT-9804

The GW Instek GPT-9800 series (GPT-9801, GPT-9802, GPT-9803, GPT-9804) AC/DC Withstand Voltage Safety Tester is designed to test AC voltages up to 5kVAC/40mA and DC voltages up to 6kVDC/10mA. The dielectric voltage withstand test can provide important insight into the capabilities and limits of a device’s insulation system.

Available Models :

GPT-9801 AC 200VA AC Withstanding Voltage Tester

GPT-9802 AC 200VA AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Tester

GPT-9803 AC 200VA AC/DC Withstanding Voltage/Insulation Resistance Tester

GPT-9804 AC 200VA AC/DC Withstanding Voltage/Insulation Resistance/Ground Bond Tester


         GPT-9000 Series Datasheet

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