GW Instek ASR-3000 Series Programmable AC/DC Power Source – Versatile, Efficient and Fast Adjustment Time, ideal for AC Motors, LED Modules, and Server Powers


Authorised Australian Distributor

Introducing the GW Instek ASR-3000 Series, your high-efficiency programmable AC/DC Power Source with a rapid DC voltage change time of less than 100us. Suitable for diverse applications ranging from On-board Chargers and AC Motors to LED modules and Server Powers, this series is an ideal fit for your individual power requirements. With four distinct models including ASR-3200, ASR-3300, ASR-3400, and ASR-3400HF, the ASR-3000 Series offers a broad range of output ratings, up to AC 0 – 400 Vrms and DC 0 – ± 570 V. It also features an impressive frequency output of up to 999.9 Hz, enhancing to 5000Hz in the ASR-3400HF model. Benefit from ten innovative output modes, a built-in web server, memory function, and external control I/O options. Trust the GW Instek ASR-3000 Series for a power source that is not just efficient and reliable, but truly exceptional.

PDF Download   GW Instek ASR-3000 Series Datasheet

PDF Download GW Instek ASR-3000 Series Assembly Manual

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