GW-Instek GDM-9061 Dual Measurement Multimeter

The GDM-9061 provides all fundamental measurement functions that engineers require to design, develop, and test electronic circuits or products, including voltage, current, resistance, diode, and continuity beeper,  frequency, temperature and capacitance.

The GDM-9061 also features mathematical functions (dB, dBm, Compare, MX+B, 1/X and Percent), statistical functions (Min/Max/Average/P-P/STDEV), and a variety of standard communications interfaces.


• Multi functions: ACV, DCV, ACI, DCI, 2W/4W R, Hz, Temp, Continuity, Diode, Period, Capacitance test,
REL, dBm, Hold, MX+B, 1/X, REF%, dB, Compare & Statistics.
• Manual or Auto ranging
AC true RMS
• Built-in DC Ratio function
• Standard SCPI command set in emulation compatible with Agilent 34401A
• Up to 3 temperature measurements: RTD, Thermistor and Thermocouples (Cold-Junction Compensation)
• Graph Display: Bar Graph, TrendChart, Histogram

  GDM-9061 Datasheet

    GDM-9061 Specifications

    GDM-9061 User Manual


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