FLIR DM93/TA72 Industrial Multimeter Combo Kit

The FLIR DM93/TA72 Combo Kit includes the DM93 True RMS Industrial Multimeter and The TA72 Flexible 3000A current clamp with the 25cm coil length) in the TA10-F Protective case. The DM93 includes a VFD mode to better analyze the non-sinusoidal waveforms and noisy signals associated with variable frequency drive motors and controllers. The LoZ mode filters out unwanted ghost voltage for better measurement accuracy over long runs.

The Flir DM93 Industrial Digital Multimeter is an advanced digital multimeter that takes TRMS measurements for increased accuracy and also features Variable-Frequency Drive filtering for analysis of non-standard waveforms. The Flir DM93 also includes a limited lifetime warranty, has a data record function, integrated Bluetooth technology for connection to FLIR Tools Mobile, and METERLiNK for embedding electrical data into thermograms from a Flir Thermal Imaging Camera.

This Combo Kit is also available as the FLIR DM93/TA74 with the FLIR TA72 changed for the FLIR TA74 with it’s larger 45cm coil length.

pdf    Flir DM93 Technical Datasheet

pdf    Flir DM93 User Manual

pdf    FLIR TA72 & TA74 Datasheet

pdf    Flir TA10-F Datasheet


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