V SHOOTER®+-3-WL Three Axis Vibration Tester – IP68, Wireless Triaxial Sensor, High-Precision Vibration Analysis, Includes Rugged Smartphone with MCP Software, Optional IR Camera and ATEX Certification

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Enhance the reliability and efficiency of your rotating machinery with the V SHOOTER®-3-WL, a state-of-the-art three-axis vibration tester integrated with a robust, IP68-rated smartphone. This cutting-edge device features a wireless triaxial sensor, allowing for comprehensive and accurate vibration analysis with a single measurement, saving you time and effort. Equipped with advanced MCP software, the V SHOOTER®-3-WL diagnoses common issues like misalignment, bearing faults, and imbalance, displaying a color-coded severity indicator for easy interpretation. With seamless data transfer via USB-C, real-time diagnostics, and intuitive user-friendly software, this is the ultimate tool for predictive maintenance. Choose from our standard, infrared-enabled (IR HD), or ATEX-certified versions to best suit your needs. Shop now to experience unparalleled vibration analysis and keep your operations running smoothly.

PDF Download  VSHOOTER General Documentation     PDF Download  VSHOOTER-3-W Datasheet

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