Ultrasonic Leak Detector | Synergys LeakShooter LKS1000-V3+

The Synergys LeakShooter® LKS1000-V3+ Ultrasonic Leak Detector is the latest version of the V3 LeakShooter designed to find leaks in steam traps, compressed air, gas and vacuum equipment.

This sonic industrial imager features steam trap diagnostic software STRAPSHOOTER® and offers the latest in visual and sonic leak detection currently available.

Compressed air and steam are costly forms of energy.
20 to 40% of it is lost trough leaks and defective steam traps.
Systematically checking for, eliminating
leaks and defective traps will bring considerable energy savings.
LEAKSHOOTER® LKS1000-V3 is a unique and sensational detection device:
• It uses a camera and a dynamic on screen target to precisely find leak location (patent).
• It features a new concept of Steam Trap diagnostic: The STRAPSHOOTER®.
The STRAPSHOOTER® program is an Easy to use firmware which can automatically diagnose your Steam Trap condition state.
LEAKSHOOTER® LKS1000-V3 is extremely sensitive, capable to find compressed air leaks (not bigger than the size of syringe needle) at a distance of 20m


  User Guide

Application Note:

    Leak detection and thermal inspection in LCNG station


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