Tenmars TM-508A Battery Powered Milli-Ohmmeter


Tenmars TM-508A Milli-Ohmmeter Features:

  • 3-1/2 digit LCD display with maximum reading of 2000.
  • Battery powered with Low battery indication.
  • Zero adjustment: External zero adjustment control.
  • Very low impedance measurement, four-wire type, one pair insulated clip.
  • Wide measurement range 1 milliohm to 20k Ohm in six switchable steps.
  • Fuse protection: 2 Amp/250Volt (5mm x 20mm), fast minimum interrupt ratings 1500A.
  • Function keys: D-H switch lockup readings for LCD display.
  • Dimensions: 160mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 52mm (D)
  • Weight: 700g approx.

Authorised Australian Distributor


    Tenmars TM-508A User Manual

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