Tenmars TM-188/TM-188D Heat Stress WBGT Meter – ISO Compliance, Quick-Response Capacitance, Data Logging – Essential for Occupational Health & Safety

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Unlock the full potential of your work and play environments with the Tenmars TM-188/TM-188D Heat Stress WBGT Meter. This premium, highly accurate device is designed to measure the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) index, critical for assessing and mitigating heat stress risks in both occupational and outdoor settings. Perfect for health and safety professionals, sports scientists, and anyone keen on ergonomic studies, this meter boasts features like quick-response capacitance sensors for precise measurements, extensive data logging capacity (up to 12,000 records with TM-188D), and easy USB data transfer. With its user-friendly LCD display, LED backlight, and robust brass black ball design, the Tenmars TM-188/TM-188D ensures reliable monitoring of environmental conditions. Conform to ISO7243 and ISO7726 standards seamlessly and make informed decisions for safer, more comfortable spaces. Get yours today and step into the future of environmental assessment!

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