Tenmars ST-501 CO2 / Temperature / RH Monitor

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Tenmars ST-501 CO2 / Temperature / RH Monitor Features:

  • Measure CO2, CO2 Ventilation rate, Temperature and Humidity
  • Data logging with fast USB download (50,000 records)
  • Fast USB download (50,000 records in less than 10 seconds)
  • Supplied with Statement of Conformity to ensure product meets ISO 9001 Quality standards
  • Three Independent CO2, humidity and temperature sensors
  • Internal back-up battery to maintain Date/Time data
  • Built-In audio CO2 buzzer/alarm
  • Easy- to-Use PC software or parameter settings and data analysis

PDF Download  Tenmars ST-501 Users Manual

PDF Download  Tenmars ST-501 Datasheet