TENMARS ST-502 Desktop Indoor Air Quality (CO2) Monitor

The Tenmars ST-502 Desktop Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Relative Humidity (%RH), Temperature and Ventilation Rate in an indoor environment such as Home, Aged Care Homes, Hospitals, Offices, Classroom, Storage, Laboratories and others.

Applicable in building air conditioning system (HVAC) monitoring and Indoor air quality monitoring.


  •  Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) CO2 sensor ensures long term stability and durability.
  •  4 Measurements-CO2/CO2 Ventilation Rate/Temperature/Humidity.
  •  Large display.
  •  Easy -to-use PC software for parameter settings and analysis.
  •  Fast USB download
  •  CO2/Temperature/Humidity high,low alarm setting.
  •  Set on the table or wall-Mounted (use 1/4”tripod nut).

    Tenmars ST-502 User Manual

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