REED R1600 Vane Anemometer Bluetooth Smart Series – Compact Wireless Air Velocity, Temperature & Humidity Meter with Real-Time Data Logging for HVAC/R Servicing

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Experience the brilliance of the REED R1600 Vane Anemometer from our Bluetooth Smart Series.
This compact, wireless anemometer is a game-changer for HVAC/R service, filter blockage detection, and air flow monitoring. Effortlessly measure air velocity, temperature, and humidity, while benefiting from real-time data logging via Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
The R1600 pairs seamlessly with the REED Smart Series App, offering additional functionality such as air volume calculation and user-selected sampling rates.
You can even export data directly from your mobile device in Excel or PDF format. Simplify your tasks with the versatile and efficient REED R1600 Vane Anemometer.

PDF Download REED R1600 Datasheet

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