Presys FCY-15-IS Full HART® Communicator – Portable, Intrinsically Safe, with High-Visibility Touchscreen Display and Comprehensive DD Library

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Experience the cutting-edge Presys FCY-15-IS Full HART® Communicator, a supremely portable and intrinsically safe device designed for your field control needs. Independent of manufacturer or model, it provides full access to your instrument’s parameters tree via HART® protocol. Its high visibility 5.7-inch touchscreen display ensures easy operation. With the latest DD’s Library, and the ability to include unregistered DD’s, stay ahead of the curve. The device also boasts a convenient 15V power supply for two-wire transmitters and an input for measuring current. Its rechargeable batteries promise up to 8 hours of continuous field use. Safeguard your HART® instrument settings with the option to upload, save, and download. Upgrade your field control communication experience today!

PDF Download  Presys FCY-15 HART Communicator Datasheet

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