10A Micro Ohmmeter / 10A Ductor | MEGGER DLRO10HD 10 Amp Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter


The Megger DLRO10HD combines ultimate simplicity of operation with a rugged IP65 case designed for stable ground and bench operation.

The unit is powered from either its rechargeable battery or line power making it suitable for continuous testing in production line/repetitive use environments.

Rotary switch controls are simple and easy to operate in all weather conditions and with gloved hands. A large, clear, backlit LCD display is easy to read from a distance.

The DLRO10HD provides significantly enhanced compliance and is capable of delivering 10 A into measurements up to 250 mΩ and 1A into measurements up to 2.5 Ω. The duration of each test may be up to 60 seconds.

The DLRO10HD is rated CAT III 300 V. A range of test leads is available to suit the application.

The DLRO10HD provides five test modes each of which is selected through a simple rotary control.

PDF Download icon Megger DLRO Connector Test Leads Datasheet

PDF Download icon Megger DLRO10HD Datasheet

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