Kyoritsu 5410 RCD Tester

The Kyoritsu 5410 tests the operation and tripping time & current of RCD’s.

An RCD is a protective device used to automatically disconnect the electrical supply when an imbalance is detected between live conductors. In the case of a single-phase circuit, the device monitors the difference in currents between the active and neutral conductors.

In a healthy circuit, where there is no fault current flowing to earth or protective conductor current, the sum of the currents in the line and neutral conductors is zero. If a line-to-earth fault develops, a portion of the line conductor current will, therefore, not return through the neutral conductor. The RCD monitors this difference, operates and disconnects the circuit when the residual current reaches a preset limit, the “residual operating current”. This is what the Kyoritsu 5410 tests.

    Kyoritsu 5410 Datasheet

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