KYORITSU 6516BT Multi Function Tester with Bluetooth

KEW 6516BT Multi-Function tester has eight test functions in one instrument.

  • Continuity test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Loop impedance test (High current measurement, No trip (ATT) measurement) 4 Prospective short circuit current test (On Loop impedance function)
  • RCD test
  • Voltage test
  • Phase rotation test 8 Earth test

The KEW 6516 tester incorporates Anti Trip Technology (ATT) which electronically bypasses RCDs when performing loop impedance tests. This saves time and money by not having to take the RCD out of the circuit during testing and is a safer procedure to follow.

With the ATT function enabled, a test of 15mA or less is applied between line & earth. It enables loop impedance measurements without tripping RCDs rated at 30mA and above.

ATT supports measurements using three wires: Line, Earth, and Neutral and also two wires: Line and Earth.

PDF Download icon  Kyoritsu 6516-6516BT Datasheet     PDF Download icon Kyoritsu 6516-6516BT User Manual

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