Handheld LCR Meter | Keysight U1732C | 100Hz/120Hz/1kHz/10kHz

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The Keysight U1732C LCR meter features 20,000 counts resolution and four selectable test frequencies (100 Hz, 120 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz). Furthermore, provide more detailed component analyses, such as Z, ESR, and DCR.

Key features 

  • 20,000 counts resolution
  • 0.2% basic accuracy
  • Wide LCR ranges with three to five selectable test frequencies (up to 100 kHz for U1733C)
  • Auto identification (Ai) automatically determines and displays component type and measurements 
  • Detailed component analysis with DCR, ESR, Z, D, Q, and θ functions 
  • Battery life of 16 hours/AC-powered 
  • – IR-to-USB connectivity for data logging to PC

PDF Download    Keysight U1732C Datasheet

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