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FLIR Tools/Tools+

FLIR Tools and FLIR Tools+ can be downloaded and installed from the following link. This includes a trial of FLIR Tools+ with Report Studio for Word Reporting.

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No longer supported by Flir 

HT Italia Topview Software

When you go to the download page, click on the left hand side small square to download (It will download a .EXE file to your download folder)  

HT’s Copyrighted Software, TopView makes the business of report generation a breeze. Easy download, customized naming of data fields, File storing and sharing trough HT Cloud, analyzing capabilities and display options to your preference.


Thermal Analyzer-K software installation file

MeasureSafe 36B Reporter

This MeasureSafe 36B Reporter package includes the Installation Guide, software driver, 36B Reporter software, warranty statement, brochure, and user guide.

TM-747D Software

TM-747D Software package includes the Installation Guide, software driver, software, and user guide.