Thermal Imager Australia

From the FLIR ONE to Other Thermal Cameras, Australia’s Rapid-tech Equipment Can Help You Choose the Right Thermal Imaging Device

If you are looking for a new thermal camera in Australia, then Rapid-Tech Equipment is the right place to shop. We stock dozens of different thermal cameras, including products from leading industry brands such as FLIR, Fluke and Reed. Whether you need a thermal imager for spotting water damage, identifying energy efficiency issues in a home, pinpointing electrical problems or even getting around a campsite in the dark, we have a product that is ideally suited to your needs.

Rapid-Tech Equipment: Knowledgeable, Experienced and Helpful

At Rapid-Tech Equipment, we’ve been helping customers find the measuring tools they need for 25 years, ever since we first opened our doors. With a large stock holding and a reputation for carrying the finest brands, both professionals and hobbyists will often come to us when they need a specialty measurement tool—such as a thermal imaging camera.

Our team is knowledgeable enough about our product range to help you find the right measurement tool for your application. If you are shopping for an instrument for thermal imaging in Australia, we can walk you through the various brands and types that we have for sale, helping you understand the features and benefits of each product. We want our customers to have a full understanding of whatever they decide to buy, to ensure that they get maximum return on investment with every transaction.

Our experience and knowledge can also be beneficial for you after you’ve made your purchase. We are happy to provide training and ongoing support on any product you buy from one of our four store locations. If you need help figuring out a feature on your new thermal imager, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Choosing the Right Thermal Camera in Australia

When it comes to selecting the right thermal imager in Australia, some customers assume that there won’t be much different from one model to the next. After all, every thermal imager does virtually the same thing, right?

On the contrary, there are distinct differences from one model of thermal imaging device to the next. Pixel resolution, temperature range, thermal sensitivity, warranty coverage and portability are all among the variables that you should look at when comparing different models.

If you are looking for portability, check out our selection of FLIR thermal cameras in Australia. FLIR makes handheld, easy-to-use thermal imagers. In particular, the FLIR ONE Android—a thermal imaging camera that hooks into the micro USB port on an Android smartphone—is a convenient option. What it lacks in temperature range (the maximum temperature the device can read is 120 degrees Celsius) it makes up for in sheer convenience.

Whether you are looking for the FLIR ONE PRO Android in Australia, some other FLIR thermal camera or a product from a different brand like Fluke, Rapid-Tech Equipment can help you find what you need. Based on your intended application, we can even help you hone in on a device with the resolution, temperature range and temperature sensitivity that is necessary.

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