FLIR T420 Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera


The FLIR T420 thermal imager is part of the powerful FLIR T-Series. These cameras are designed for applications including electrical and mechanical inspections and predictive maintenance, where intensive regular inspections and reports are required. The T420 is unique in that if features a temperature range of -20°C to 650°C, with optional max increase to 1,200°C. Infrared resolution is a large 320 x 240 pixels, giving you the ability to accurately measure at longer distances. This already impressive resolution is enhanced by powerful FLIR proprietary technologies called UltraMax and MSX. The T420 also features 4x continuous zoom as well as manual and automatic focus modes so you can dial in images no matter the application.


  • Unmatched Thermal Quality – Sharp thermal resolution at 320 x 240 pixels (76,800 total pixels) provides incredible clarity and detail.
  • Additional Optics – Six lens options are available for the T420 to fit the view and spot size you need for your application.
  • Image Enhancement –Proprietary technologies like FLIR MSX and UltraMax provide even greater thermal detail. Blend thermal and visible light images with MSX and increase camera resolution by 4x with UltraMax.
  • Multiple Measurement Modes- T420 measuring modes include 5 measurement spots, 5 box areas, isotherm, Delta T, Auto hot/cold spot, and 1 live line profile.
  • Faster Reporting- FLIR Tools Mobile and FLIR Instant Report allow to you quickly and easily create professional PDF reports from your images while on-site.
  • Integrated Laser & LED Flashlight – The integrated laser pointer and LED flashlight make image capture stress-free even in tough environments or when visibility is limited.


PDF    FLIR-T-Series Information Brochure

PDF    Flir Predictive Maintenance

PDF    Flir Building Diagnostics

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