CEM Infra Red Calibrator – CEM BX-350/350Y |CEM BX-500| CEM BXC-15

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The CEM BX series are portable IR calibrators that provide a stable blackbody target for calibrating non-contact IR thermometers. They are available in tree models: BX-350/350Y (50ºC ~ 350ºC), BX-500 (50ºC ~ 500ºC), and BXC-15 (15ºC ~ 120ºC). Each model features a rugged, compact design and high performance calibration, making them ideal for field or laboratory use.


  • Easily certify IR pyrometers to 500°C / 932°C
  • Large 2.25’’ (57mm) blackbody target
  • RTD (Resistance Thermometer detector)reference well for high precision 

PDF Download   CEM BX Series IR Thermometers Datasheet

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