UNI-T UTi260K Thermal Imager for Screening or Body Scanning

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The newly released in May 2020 UTi260K has been designed specifically for body scanning and as such offers superior-high-quality thermal imaging with real-time image transmission to a computer or screen of measurements.

Designed for use in public places or workplaces, the UTi260K offers exceptional value for money for it’s price/performance.

UTi260K Thermal Imager Features:

• 2.8″ TFT screen

• Infrared resolution: 256×192

• Frame frequency: 25Hz

• Range of temperature measurement: 30℃~45℃

• Accuracy: ±0.5℃

• Photographed function and SD card storage

• PC software analysis

• Point temperature measurement

• Real-time image transmission

• Visual camera (640×480)

• Type-C USB interface for lithium battery charging

• 1/4″ tripod mounting hole and tripod included

• CE Certified

• 12 Warranty.

• Tripod, 5 meter extension cable, Calibration Certificate


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