UNI-T UT285C Advanced Three Phase Power Quality Analyser – Real-Time Waveform Display, True RMS, Peak current and voltage Values, and Transient Capture capabilities.

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Maximise your power management efficiency with the UNI-T UT285C Three Phase Power Quality Analyser. Designed for professionals, this advanced tool offers real-time waveform display, accurate True RMS readings, and the capability to capture transient changes in voltage and current. Its comprehensive features, including peak current and voltage values, total harmonic distortion, and power measurement, make it indispensable for thorough power quality analysis. Equipped with USB connectivity and packed with functionalities like Transformer K factor and three-phase unbalance measurement, the UNI-T UT285C is the perfect addition to your toolkit. Ensure precision and reliability in every analysis. Invest in the UNI-T UT285C today for unmatched power quality monitoring and optimisation.

PDF Download UT285C Datasheet

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