UNI-T UTD2152CL Digital Storage Oscilloscope 150MHz, 2CH, 500MS/s with High-Speed Data Processing and User-Friendly Design

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Explore the realm of precise data capture and comprehensive signal analysis with the UNI-T UTD2152CL Digital Storage Oscilloscope. This high-capacity, 2-channel oscilloscope delivers a robust 150MHz bandwidth and a rapid 500MS/s sampling rate. With its swift rise time and deep memory pool, it ensures no detail is missed. Its usability is enhanced by a variety of storage methods, trigger types, and an impressive set of mathematical operations. Displaying up to 5 measurements simultaneously and featuring a USB OTG interface, this device is an engineer’s dream. Its sleek white and grey design, coupled with a compact build, adds a touch of modernity to your workspace. Embrace efficiency and precision with the UNI-T UTD2152CL Digital Storage Oscilloscope.
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