Power Analyser | MI 2885 Master Q4


The MI 2885 Master Q4 power analyser is an ideal troubleshooting tool. The Three Phase / Single Phase Power recorders are designed to automatically record all important data and waveforms of voltage events like Dips and Swells. In addition the user can set 7 optional triggers for capturing waveforms of selected quantities.

A large easy-to-read graphical colour display enabling the user to detect harmonics, phasors and waveforms anomalies in the installation simply by connecting the device.



  • 4-voltage channels with wide measurement range: 0 ~1000 Vrms (CAT III / 1000 V)
  • 4-current channels with support for automatic clamp recognition and “on instrument“ range selection
  • Automatic Smart Clamp detection and Smart Clamp range selection
  • Compliance with power quality standard IEC 61000-4-30 Class S
  • Complete power quality analysis according to EN 50160 including signalling and interharmonics
  • Support for microSD memory card (8-GB supplied with the instrument) up to 32GB
  • Color-coded input terminals and termi­nal labels to suit your application region
  • Intuitive main menu and large icons that makes the equipment very easy to navigate and configure
  • Powerful PC SW PowerView3 enables downloading, view, analysis of recorded data and professional report creation
  • Flexible clamps (without additional power supply) are included in the Euro set
  • Remote communication via Ethernet (GPS clock synchronization – optional)


  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Power quality assessment and troubleshooting in low and middle voltage electrical systems
  • Checking power correction equipment performance
  • Long-term analysis
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Verification of electrical system capacity before adding loads


PDF Download icon  MI 2885 Master Q4 -Datasheet

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