MEGGER BM15 5kV Analogue Insulation Tester


Analogue 5 kV Megger Insulation Tester; 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 V; 20 GOhms

The Megger BM15 is a compact 5000 insulation tester that is easy to use & provides accurate and quick readings for insulation resistance.


  • IEC1010 and EMC specification compliant
  • Single scale large analog display
  • Automatic voltage measurements function indicates conductor & automatic discharge potentials
  • Locking testing button option
  • Recessed safety terminals & long connectors
  • 4 output testing voltages
  • CE marked
  • Easy to use
  • Innovative scale overlay provides pass / fail bands
  • Mounted resilient analog scale
  • Single scale insulation values helps you to avoid errors
  • Lightweight & rugged
  • Ranges down to 100 kiloOhms perfect for go / no go testing


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