Guildline Instruments 7810 Wideband Transconductance Amplifier

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Guildline Instruments new 7810 Transconductance Amplifier is designed for high current, wide bandwidth AC outputs. It operates from DC to 1 MHz with extremely low distortion. The 7810 is able to produce outputs up to 100 A over a specified frequency range of DC to 1 MHz, when using a stable voltage source.


  • 50 A and 100 A Models!
  • Calibrated Frequency Range (DC to 100 kHz)!
  • Uncalibrated 100 kHz to 2 MHz!
  • High 9 V Voltage Compliance!
  • Based on Widely Fielded 7620 and New Patented AC Current Source PCB!
  • Unique Touch Screen Interface and Embedded Windows Computer!
  • Ethernet / IEEE-488.2 and USB Interfaces!
  • SCPI Based Programming!
  • Excellent Short Term Stability!
  • Distortion Below -60 dB!
  • Stable with Inductive Loads
  • Low Input Impedance That Is Buffered
  • High Output Impedance

PDF Download  7810 Transconductance Amplifier Datasheet

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