Guildline Instruments 7220 Asynchronous Power Analyzer

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The 7220 Asynchronous Power Analyzer by Guildline Instruments is the latest in a series of three phase AC power measurement instruments designed to meet today’s most demanding power measurement applications.


  • 3-Phase Plus Neutral Measurements!
  • Input Current Ranges 5 Arms and 125 Arms!
  • Input Voltages up to 1250 Vpk
  • Able to Measure Any Signal Including Non-Sinusoidal and Quasi-Stationary!
  • Ideal for Noisy/Green Energy Sources!
  • Class 0.005 (≤ 50 ppm) Power for 3/10 Second Aggregation!
  • Measures Single Wave Power @ ≤100 ppm!
  • Phase Angle Accuracy < 10 micro-radians for 3/10 Second Aggregation!
  • Data Simultaneously Converted Into Eight Digital Channels!
  • Measurements Calculated from Incoming Data Streams and Presented in Real Time on Period-by-Period basis!
  • Built-In Data Logging and Oscilloscope Functions!
  • High Resolution Display with Touch Front Panel!

PDF Download   7220 Asynchronous Power Analyzer Datasheet

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