Guildline Instruments 6640G Quantum Hall Resistance (QHR)

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Guildline Instruments 6640G Quantum Hall Resistance (QHR) Bridge has been completely redesigned to offer better uncertainties and operate more efficiently.


  • Patented toroid design
  • Introducing a new dual-processor design
  • Fast measurements with dedicated high speed real-time processor
  • The built-in Windows 10 computer and touchscreen display provide complete measurement results and graphs
  • Best accuracy: ± 0.015 ppm of reading at qhr currents of 30 µa – 100 µa with interchange
  • Fast measurement speed of 2 seconds
  • Modify all key parameters “on-the-fly” while the measurement is running
  • Linearity: ± 0.005 ppm of full scale
  • Resolution: ± 0.0001 ppm of full scale
  • Fully programmable USB, IEEE 488.2
  • Industry standard SCPI programming command language
  • BridgeWorksTM data acquisition software
  • Unique calibration support strategy
  • Complete automated measurements
  • Quantum hall turn-key systems available

PDF Download  6640G Quantum Hall Resistance Datasheet

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