Thermal Imaging Perth

How You Can Use the FLIR One Thermal Camera for Imaging in Perth

There was once a time when infrared cameras and thermal imaging was only available to armies and air forces. Thermal imaging made finding targets in the dead of night possible for the first time because it uses infrared radiation from a heat source, such as a person or an animal, to create an image or a video. In fact, most things emit at least some heat, and a thermal camera creates images using heat contrasts to paint a relatively clear picture of what the camera is facing. You can probably see why this would be useful on a plane flying in the middle of the night, but nowadays, you can enjoy this incredible technology using your smartphone thanks to gadgets such as the FLIR One in Perth.

FLIR was one of the first pioneers of low-cost infrared technology, which it developed in 1978 for use on airborne vehicles. As the technology has advanced and the costs of manufacturing have reduced thanks to mass production and more efficient ways to create a thermal camera in Perth, thermal cameras can now be so small that they attach to your phone. If you live in Perth and you’d like a FLIR One delivered to your door by a company you can trust, there’s nobody better than us to contact.

At Rapid-Tech Equipment Pty Ltd, we proudly boast a broad selection of thermal imaging cameras and gadgets to assist professionals who need such technology for testing and measurement purposes. However, even everyday consumers can have lots of fun with thermal imaging in Perth. The FLIR One is affordable and small enough to carry around wherever you go, making it the perfect night time aid for camping trips and more. Keep reading below to find out whether you might benefit from owning a FLIR One in Perth.

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Do You Need a FLIR One in Perth?

Typically, people in their armed forces and professionals who need to check for problems in vehicles and properties benefit the most from thermal imaging in Perth. However, the FLIR One smartphone gadget is useful to consumers too. Here are just some of the most common uses for the incredible FLIR One:

  • Detect leaks and broken circuits – If you think there may be an electrical issue or water leak in your home, you can use thermal imaging to see what your eyes can’t. Plus, you can again use thermal imaging after calling the professionals for repairs to check that the issue no longer persists.
  • Check vehicles for issues – A FLIR camera can also detect problems in the likes of cars and bikes, such as breakages in carbon fibre components. You don’t have to risk driving a dangerous vehicle with chassis issues if you can check it over with a FLIR One in Perth beforehand.
  • Happy Camping – Even campers and make great use of the FLIR One because it helps you see in the dark. You can check the campsite for wildlife, navigate dark trails, or have a fun game of hide and seek at night.

Buy a Thermal Camera in Perth from a Reliable Provider

At Rapid-Tech Equipment Pty Ltd, we’re professionals in our field and endeavour to stock the latest and best products for testing and measurement purposes, and we’re more than happy to offer advice and instruction when necessary. Contact us today or browse our product range to find out more about what we offer.