FLIR One Android Perth

Searching for a Thermal Imager? Buy a Flir One Android in Perth

There’s a limit to what you can see when you look with your own two eyes, even if they’re exceptionally sharp. Human beings are only able to see a small spectrum of light, meaning that plenty of energy escapes our notice. While you don’t necessarily need to see radio waves, there are some cases in which it can be helpful to see energy from outside the normal visible spectrum. Those of you who work with heat on a regular basis understand how much easier it is to go about your business when you can visually identify thermal energy emanating from your equipment.

Using a thermal imager isn’t just for firefighters or members of the special forces. In fact, there are many applications for a thermal imager in industries such as auto repair, electrical work, and other skilled trades. If you don’t yet have a thermal imager for your Perth business, now is a better time than ever to invest in one. Thermal imagers are no longer the expensive and exclusive pieces of technology that they once were—now you can carry around a high quality thermal camera in the palm of your hand for a nominal price.

Flir is one company who has pioneered the development of consumer thermal imaging technology, with an incredible device called the Flir One. an Android compatible product that attaches to your smartphone, the Flir One (and professional-grade variant Flir One Pro) can quickly identify hot spots indicating potential problems in everything from household heating and cooling systems to vehicle engines, electrical grids and more. You can find a Flir One for your Android in Perth by reaching out to a retailer that supplies Flir products to local customers.

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Where to Find a Flir One for Your Android in Perth

One of the best places to begin looking for a Flir One is at Rapid-Tech Equipment Pty Ltd, a 19-year-old business that provides high quality testing products to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Our experience has allowed us to earn the trust of our many clients, who return to us whenever they’re in need of current industry standard gear for thermal imaging or electrical testing. Many of our clients approach us because they value our knowledge of the products we sell and aren’t sure of exactly what products will give them the best results. Fortunately, we’re more than happy to discuss the pros and cons of each product with prospective customers, so that each of them can take home the best tools for their particular areas of work.

Consult with People Who Know the Technology

Who knew that thermal imaging technology could be as simple as buying an attachment for your Android phone? Well, you do now—and so do we. To learn more about today’s thermal imaging solutions, call or visit Rapid-Tech and speak with a member of our team about how to find a thermal imager you can use. With our help, you’ll wind up seeing your work through a brand-new lens.