MEATEST M133C Three Phase Power & Energy Calibrator


The Meatest M133C Three Phase Power & Energy Calibrator is compact all-in-one three phase power/energy calibrator. It can supply the unit under test with one phase accurate AC voltage and current with calibrated phase shift or DC voltage and current. Output voltage can be set in six ranges up to 600 V and output current in six ranges up to 30 A. Simulated electric power can be set independently in each phase. Frequency can be set in range from 15 Hz to 1 kHz with resolution 0.001 Hz to 0.01 Hz.

The M133C Calibrator is equipped with 5 1/2 digital DC meter with DC ranges 20 mA or 10 V for direct calibrating of various types of power transducers.

Authorised Australian Distributor

pdf    M133C Datasheet
pdf    Meatest M133C Operation Manual
pdf    M133C Application Note


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