HT Italia HT 4020 True-Rms Clamp Meter 400A with Power Factor Measurement

HT Italia HT4020 TRMS AC Clamp Meter

HT4020 is a clamp meter that performs TRMS measurement of AC current up to 400A, AC/DC voltage, frequency, resistance and continuity. This model also perform measurements of Active, Reactive, Apparent power, Power Factor (cosj) and Energy, both in single phase and three phase systems and have a patented phase rotation measures with an innovative 1 wire method.

Thanks to the practical rubber cap to be mounted on the jaws (patented also), it’s possible to hold test leads while measuring and have one hand free to work. The large 4 digit LCD display (10000 counts) with backlight permits an easy readability also in critical visual conditions.

The instrument is complying with IEC/EN 61010-1, CAT III 600V and is ideal to solve typical problems occurring in industrial environments such as troubleshooting, non-linear loads, frequency driven motors, PCs.



HT 4020 Data Sheet HT 4020 Data Sheet

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