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Track Down Difficult Defects in Brisbane Buildings with the Flir One Thermal Imaging Camera

Constructing a building is hard work, and to complete a project successfully, many moving parts must come together to work in harmony. Often, that is exactly what happens. Other times, though, poor workmanship or the passage of time can wear away at the integrity or comfort of a building. It is this point where trouble-shooters like you enter the picture. Uncovering problems, like moisture intrusion or insulation deficiencies, can help save property owners money while preventing future problems. Unfortunately, diagnosing these issues isn’t always easy. With a thermal camera, though, Brisbane inspections can proceed with ease. By taking advantage of infrared light, you will instantly be able to diagnose many more issues.

Among the leading products in this field is the Flir thermal camera. Brisbane businesses interested in acquiring these advanced items for their field staff have a valuable partner in Rapid-Tech Pty Ltd. We are a fully authorised reseller for Flir cameras, and we can even offer training in their use for your staff. Ongoing support over the life of the product is also a potential option. With that in mind, what makes the Flir line stand out on the market? Its combination of features and ease of use makes it an excellent handheld tool.

An incredibly robust thermal camera for Brisbane industry

The stand-out feature for all Flir’s imaging products is the way it provides you with detail. By using two cameras at once, you gain a much clearer picture of an object’s thermal properties. Plain thermal imaging does not resolve distinct shapes very well. By combining that input with data from a visible light camera, users gain greater fidelity to help locate problems in structures.

The Flir One takes this technology and miniaturises it even further. Now, you can plug the device into the USB port of your smartphone. Open the imaging app on your phone to use the One anywhere in Brisbane to examine properties quickly. It is one of the most versatile handheld products on the market. With only your phone, you can look for leakage points in a building envelope or identify failing insulation. We would love to answer your questions or even provide a Flir One product demonstration to highlight its advantages.

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Without the right tools for the job, detecting problems becomes far harder than it should be; Rapid-Tech looks to solve that problem. Don’t rely on just what your eyes can see in natural light to help you diagnose faults in a building’s construction. With thermal imaging, Brisbane workers gain a second visual sense — like having a whole new pair of eyes. Whether the Flir One is the right choice for your needs or another camera would suit better, we have an extensive range to suit many needs. We encourage all potential clients to phone us with questions, especially regarding technology as intricate as this. Visit our contact page now, or simply start shopping online.