EXTECH AN300-C Airflow Cone and Funnel Adapter Kit


For AN300, AN310, AN320.

Accessory Kit for Airflow Measurements for Common Large Size Ducts


  • Compatible with AN300, AN310 and AN320 Anemometers
  • Allows quick and easy air flow measurements for common large size duct sizes (210mm round and 346mm square)


1. Attach the round or the square adaptor to the AN300 series meter. Ensure that the adaptor is well mounted and locked before continuing

2. The meter will automatically recognize the adaptor (the adaptor icon will appear).

3. The meter’s AREA setting will now default to the dimensions of the adapter.

4. Connect the adaptor to the air duct or vent and measure Air Volume as described in the AN300 series user manual.

Authorised Australian Distributor

half year

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