ALL-TEST PRO 34 De-Energized Motor Circuit Testing Instrument

The ALL-TEST PRO 34™ uses proven, patented technology to look beyond vibration, temperature, and ultrasound test methods – giving you instant answers on your electric motor’s health. It represents the 7th generation in product innovation that ensures the reliability of motors in the field and helps to maximize the productivity of maintenance teams everywhere.

Initiated from the motor drive or motor starter, Motor Circuit Analysis™ can evaluate the health of a motor in a non-destructed manner. In fact, it can work from up to 1,000 feet away from the motor it’s testing.

The ALL-TEST PRO 34™ device helps companies avoid the hassle of repairing motor failure issues that could have been prevented, and it saves countless dollars in lost work time due to these problems.

So if you’re looking for a way that can prevent motor issues with one simple testing method then the ALL-TEST PRO 34™ id for you.

    ALL-TEST PRO 34 Brochure

    ALL-TEST PRO 34 Datasheet



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