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Keysight InfiniiVision DSOX-4022A is a 2-channel 100 MHz bandwidth Oscilloscope, available as a 200MHz (DSOX-4022A), 350MHz (DSOX-4032A),  500MHz (DSOX-3052A) Bandwidths.

MSOX series additional 16 Digital Channels (D0-D7, D8-D15): DSOX Series can be upgraded to the MSOX Series.

  • Bandwidth Upgradeable to 1.5GHz. 
  • Fast update rate 1,000,000 wfms/sec.
  • High Sample rate 5GS/s, 
  • Deep Memory, plus Segmented Memory. Built in DVM & Frequency counter. 
  • Optional WaveGen DSOX3WAVEGEN (built-in) 20 MHz function generator. 
  • MEGA Zoom technology.
  • InfiniiScan Zone touch trigger 21 standard trigger modes

PDF Download  Keysight 4000x Datasheet

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