KYORITSU 2200 AC Digital Clamp Meter – 1000A


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The Kyoritsu 2200 is a lightweight, compact digital True RMS Clamp Meter, able to measure current up to 1000A AC, as well as AC and DC voltage up to 600V. It’s a 33mm tear-drop jaw is only 10mm wide making the Kyoritsu 2200 perfect for use in crowded cable areas.

The KYORITSU KEW 2200 AC Digital Clamp Meter features:

• Ultra Slim and lightweight Handy design
• 1000A AC Clamp Meter AC40/400/1000A Auto Range
• Ø33mm Tear Drop for large diameter cables
• 10mm Jaw Width easy to use in tight places
• DMM function ACV, DCV, Ω, Continuity Buzzer
• Fuseless electronic protection on up Ω/ to 600V
• IEC61010-1 Safety Standard
CAT III 600V (AC A) CAT III 300V / CAT II 600V (AC/DC V)


    Kyoritsu 2200 Datasheet