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Rapid-Tech Equipment brings the world’s best thermal imagers to Australia. We carry the most reliable and accurate industrial and commercial imagers on the market, representing manufacturers such as Flir, Reed, and HT Italia among many others. Flir thermal imagers live up to Flir’s legendary reputation as the world’s premier test and measuring equipment manufacturer.

Rapid-Tech is the largest Australian owned and operated test equipment supplier in Australia, enabling us to offer the world’s best products at the world’s best prices. We ship across Australia, but we also locally carry the widest range of products and thermal imagers in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Wireless Thermal Imagers In Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

Rapid-Tech offers thermal imagers for a variety of purposes. We carry Flir’s C2 Series infrared camera, a world first in full-featured pocket-size thermal camera. The C2, E4, E5, E6 and E8 models all test and measure with wireless speed and easily connect with other wireless devices. This means you can immediately transfer images directly to your PC, Apple, iPhone, iPad, etc. All three models are equipped with Flir’s MSX Thermal Image Enhancement for perfectly focused images every time. Like all of our products, you can find information about our complete line of thermal imagers in our Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane offices.

Rapid-Tech Carries Ultra-Sensitive Thermal Imagers In Australia

Rapid-Tech also carries Flir’s imagers for industrial, commercial and general applications. These digital imagers, such as the TG165 Imaging IR Thermometer, can save you loads of time and money by identifying potential problems before they turn into expensive complications. These imagers combine incredible resolution with the optimal field of view. This allows the viewer to see the most important details from a safe distance.

All of Flir’s digital imagers also feature compatibility with Flir’s tools reporting and analysis software. Flir tools reporting and analysis software is like Flir’s online stores of applications. Professionals can download a variety of wirelessly enabled tools to their digital imagers, allowing them to customise their equipment and further streamline their work processes. For professionals seeking out the very highest quality resolutions in their imagers, Rapid-Tech carries Flir’s C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System, EX-Serience Infrared Cameras and Exx-Series Infrared Cameras and thermal imagers. T One of the most appealing features, is the large temperature range detector that projects live images on a 3-inch colour display. When you demand the greatest level of precision, the Flir Infrared Cameras do not make compromises. You can find out more about these thermal imagers in our Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offices.

Rapid-Tech’s list of thermal imagers is too long to include here. There are a variety of imagers that are ideal for different uses, such as contracting, building, inspecting, infrared and diagnostic work. Rapid-Tech has over 20 years of experience in the test and measuring equipment industry. If you are in the market for digital imagers in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth, contact Rapid-Tech today. We can advise you on the right instruments at the right price.