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In 2006, the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) organisation launched a series of lighting codes, each meant to promote optimised performance and employee protection. These codes – registered as AS1680.1-2006 and AS/NZS 1680.2 Lighting Standards.PDF – define the minimum Lux values for every interior, stating:
  • Each worker must be able to perform tasks without risk to health and safety.
  • Each worker must be able to move within the workplace without risk to health and safety.
  • Each worker must be able to evacuate the workplace safely in an emergency.

These requirements demand an increase of Lux variables in all industrial and commercial environments. They also demand the use of light meters in Brisbane, light meters in Melbourne, and light meters in Perth – with contractors having to adhere to heightened regulations. Rapid-Tech Equipment ensures that this can be efficiently and precisely accomplished.

Rapid-Tech Equipment: About Us

Since 1996, Rapid-Tech Equipment has connected our customers to light meters, emphasising sterling service and quality products. We specialise solely in the testing field – tailoring our expertise to measurements, calibrations, and RF results. This allows us to confidently create solutions for contractors, as well as provide tutorials and demonstrations. We enhance every sale.

We also provide light meters to Sydney and light meters to Brisbane, helping our clients follow every OHS demand. To learn more, contact us today.

Choosing a Light Meter in Melbourne, Perth, and Beyond: Our Products

Rapid-Tech Equipment recognises the challenges our clients face, with AS, NZS, and OHS standards stressing the need for superior Lux values. To simplify this process, we offer quality light meters in Perth and light meters in Sydney, including:

Reed Safety Instruments

Compact Light Meter.
Light Meter and Data Logger.
Light Meter (20,000; 40,000; and 50,000 Lux).
Multi-Function Meter.

LUX/FC Multi-LED Meter.
Solar, UVA, and Light Meter.

Auto-Ranging Light Meter.
LED Light Meter.

Rapid-Tech Equipment provides a diverse collection of light meters, ensuring that our clients receive testers that suit their measuring needs. To request a demonstration of these products, contact us today.

Our Commitment to Specialisation

Rapid-Tech Equipment is a premier provider of light meters in Australia, light meters in Brisbane, light meters in Melbourne, and light meters in Perth. We emphasise measurement services, accommodating the electrical, utility, and manufacturing markets. This allows us to serve our clients better, providing them with focused expertise and quality brands. We create custom solutions for every OHS need.

Searching for Light Meters in Sydney, Brisbane, and Beyond? Contact Rapid-Tech Equipment.

Rapid-Tech Equipment serves as Australia’s  largest supplier of light meters. This affords us unique insight into the contracting field, as well as a breadth of OHS knowledge. To learn more about our products contact us today:

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