Fluke Multifunction Tester Brisbane

Purchase a DC Clamp Meter Ideal for Many Applications in Brisbane with the Fluke Multifunction Tester

The electrical systems found everywhere from homes to industrial sites today are complex beasts. A single building could contain an incredible amount of wiring; a factory or heavy-duty electrical setup are several orders of magnitude more involved. For those who work with these systems, owning the most effective tools for a given job is not a luxury: it is a necessity. That might mean a simple clamp meter for measuring DC passing through a wire or conduit. It could also call for something more suited to a variety of situations and tasks. In either case, these tools are most useful when troubleshooting problems in a system.

At Rapid-Tech Pty Ltd., we have built our business on experience in the testing and measurement sector. As a result, we understand the challenges faced by working to solve challenging problems in electrical systems. One of the tools most apt for these types of jobs is the Fluke multifunction tester. A Brisbane electrician could easily transform the way they approach certain tasks with the innovative features found on this device. Additionally, Rapid-Tech proudly hosts one of the most extensive collections of Fluke multimeters for sale in the country. If the multifunction tester isn’t right for you, we can help you find the tool that fits the profile.

Verify safe installations with a Fluke multifunction tester on Brisbane job sites

However, this is a product that accomplishes much more than a traditional DC clamp meter. The multifunction tester features a design intended to speed up all the most common testing tasks. Check for shorts or ground faults while testing circuitry loop impedance simultaneously. The crisp digital display shows the results faster. According to the manufacturer, this ability can cut test times in half for some typical applications. In the field, this time saved translates to better efficiency without sacrificing the thoroughness of your procedures.

It also provides enhanced safety features for Brisbane electricians. During testing, an increasing voltage level on the earth could represent a hazard. The Fluke tester alerts users to increases of 50 volts and greater to allow you to make a judgement about how to proceed. A Rapid-Tech team member will be happy to discuss these features and more about the device in detail with you.

An experienced team helps to find the ideal product

Representing nearly two decades of well-developed industry experience and priding ourselves on our quality product offerings, Rapid-Tech is a reliable equipment partner for all technicians. Are you unsure what type of DC clamp meter is best for a Brisbane job site? Contact us at your earliest convenience. Our staff is always ready to put our knowledge and understanding to work on behalf of a customer. The advice we give is the advice we would use in your position. We will help you find the ideal product, whether that is the Fluke multifunction tester or another, similar product. Give us a call on 1800 358 531 for friendly help today.